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Nocturnal Awakening: Tigers In Nepal Adapt To Encroachment

Tigers generally move around at all time of the day and night to hunt and monitor territory, but a recent study conducted in Chitwan National Park revealed that Tigers are adapting in order to avoid confruntation with humans. As the population in Nepal and other traditional tiger habitats rises, so does the competition for resources. Increased activity in the park due to human encroachment has showed a nocturanal shift in the local tigers. The world's remaining tigers (an estimated 3,000 individuals) are being pushed into smaller and smaller spaces, and being able to share that space with humans is a critical survival skill.

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Photos of the Week: Provincial Perspectives

The photographs in this series were taken en route to Ghat. Leaving Lukla, we began our journey to the Khumbu. At 'lower' elevations, in the Solukhumbu, the countryside is green and lush. Vegetable can still grow and the main occupation of many families is farming.

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Cabbages & Condoms

Navigating over the uneven, potholed pavement, I struggle to keep up with my brother’s long, confident strides, as he leads us down a narrow pitch-black Soi. The only source of light emanates from flickering fluorescent signs of seedy Russian massage parlors that line the street. Taking note of my surroundings, I mockingly asked: “Where exactly are you taking us?”

The question was rhetorical and dripping with sarcasm, as I knew where we were going.

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Photos of the Week: Mantras in the Mountains

High in the Himalayas, the people’s faith is apparent. The majority (approx. 93%) of the Sherpa follow a sect of Tibetan Buddhism and evidence of their religion can be found even in the highest mountain pass. Mani stones litter the trail to Sagarmatha (Everest) and prayer flags are draped on bridges, trees and even mountain peaks.

Prayer wheels and monasteries are also a common sight. Prayer Wheels are found in a range of sizes, some are a giant eight to ten feet high!

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Photos of the Week: Lukla, Nepal

The small rural village of Lukla is the central hub for trekkers visiting the Khumbu or Everest Region of Nepal. Set in the mountains at an elevation of 2800m, the only link the people of Lukla have to the outside world is the busy Tenzing-Hillary Airport, which transports goods and supplies to the region.

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Photos of the Week: A Porter’s Two Best Friends

In the Khumbu region of Nepal, a walking stick and a zopkyok are a high altitude porter's two best friends. What is a zopkyok, you are inevitably asking?

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Did You Use Them Tiger?

This definitely belongs in the Lost In Translation category! Can you tell what this man is made of?

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Visual Distraction: Overcoming Fear While Flying Through The Himalayas

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” - FDR

We were out of bed and down in the hotel lobby before first light to begin our journey to the airport. The unbelievable chaos of Kathmandu’s domestic airport borders on the absurd, but what makes it so much worse is knowing what awaits you on the other end in Lukla. This time round, I knew what I was in for and frankly I was terrified.

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